Earthmoving Equipment

With our earthmoving equipment we can carry out projects for you in the field of earthmoving in the broadest sense of the word.

Whether it is bulldozers on the wet landfill or hydraulic cranes on dry excavation, we can provide the right equipment spread for you with experienced personnel focused on the efficient and cost-saving execution of the work.

For the dredging support we have related auxiliary equipment that is often specially designed and built for the execution of this specific work such as material and pour chain on skids, pipe trolleys, etc.

Among other things, we offer the following heavy earthmoving equipment:

  • Shovels (CAT 950, CAT 966, CAT 980);
  • Cranes (CAT 324, CAT 330, CAT 336, CAT 349, CAT 374, CAT 390);
  • Bulldozers (D6T, D8T);
  • Telehandlers 4x4 Manitou 
  • Scrapers